Internet Research

Obtain information on website registration information and snpashots of prior web pages: PRIOR VERSIONS OF A WEBSITE:  (“Wayback Machine” – internet archive) REGISTRATION OF A WEBSITE: LOCATION OF A WEBSITE: IDENTIFY IP ADDRESS FOR A WEBSITE: IDENTIFY WEBSITES AT THE SAME ADDRESS:  

General initial interview questions

Every case and every interview is, of course, different, but many of the questions below should be relevant at the outset of most cases.  Cover as many of the following points as possible and follow up for more detail on each as appropriate: The full names, job titles and contact information for all persons and organizations […]

Other useful websites

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Verify educational credentials

See the following sites for educational background information on consultants and other individuals involved in your projects.  Also check general information sources to see if the individual has published, spoken at seminars or been cited in by other experts. studentclearinghouse (Verify US degree, with consent of the subject) (Verify Ph.D. credentials from North American universities) (Resumes […]

US and international public records

The sites below contain primarily US public records, including business flings, real property ownership and motor vehicle records. Subscription sites: Thomson Reuters Clear  Free sites: US COUNTY AND STATE RECORDS: UK LAND RECORDS   

US and international court records

The sites below provide access to US court dockets (listing the parties to and the status of a case) as well as the full text of court pleadings and decisions.  This can be used to identify prior legal actions for fraud or other cases against a firm or individual. US FEDERAL AND STATE COURT RECORDS […]

US and international telephone directories

Telephone directory listings can be used to confirm the existence or location of a firm or individual.  Reverse address searches can identify other firms or individuals at a listed address, and thereby possible undisclosed ownerships and affiliations with other companies, as well as businesses located at “high risk” addresses (e.g., “mail drops.”) US directories – […]

Media reports

The US and international media sites below often contain useful information for investigators.  Search by the name of a firm (including officers and directors), individual or topic, e.g., “corruption capital water project.” Free sites: Subscription sites: (The Economist Intelligence Unit) (Pay as you use) (News from emerging markets) (Customized media […]

Information on agents

The subscription sites below list high risk individuals, such as Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and those charged with, debarred or convicted of corruption or fraud in the United States and other countries, which can be used to vet the integrity of proposed or actual agents. Subscription sites: (Regulatory Data Corporation) Refinitiv world check   […]

General information sites

Popular search engines – – Social media  – – – “Deep web” search engines Free sites: – – (prior versions of a website) Subscription sites: – – Blog searches –