Data Required to Conduct Proactive Tests

All of the listed “proactive” fraud detection tests can be conducted if the following data, listed in green, is available.  Many of the tests can be conducted if some but not all of the data is available.  The “other useful information” lists include data that would be useful but is not essential to conduct the basic tests.

1.  Data required for tests for COLLUSIVE BIDDING:
Primarily the information from the bidding documents, in red below:
Contractor information: Name, address, telephone and fax number (email) (owner/signator)
Job information: Name, location or description, date
Bidding information: Number of bid packages sold; name, address, phone number of bidders; bid prices (line item and total),
bid security date, bank and number
Other useful information: Cost estimates (by line items)
  Procurement thresholds
  Change orders (total disbursed vs. contract price)
2.  Data required for tests for FRAUDULENT INVOICES:
Primarily the information from the invoices and the related contract, purchase order and receiving document information, in red below:
Contractor/vendor info: Name, address, telephone number
Job or item information: Job description or item number
Invoice information: Invoice date, number, item, quantity, date delivered
Contract or PO information: Dates, numbers, items, quantity, prices
Receiving info: Dates received, item numbers and quantities received
Other useful information: Procurement thresholds
3.  Data required for tests for FICTITIOUS CONTRACTOR:
The invoice information above and the information in red below:
  List of paid vendors (owner/signator)
  List of approved vendors
  Business and telephone directories
Other useful information: list of “high risk” addresses (see, e.g.,
  Employee addresses
4.  Data required for tests to identify QUESTIONABLE CONTRACTORS (by address matches):
Contractors submitted address and:
  List of “high-risk” and “mail drop” addresses (see, e.g.,
  List of secrecy jurisdictions
  List of employee addresses
  List of addresses for debarred companies and individuals
  Contractors listed addresses and telephone numbers
5.  Data required for tests to identify QUESTIONABLE CONTRACT AWARDS:
  Contract information: description, price, quantity, date, etc.
Other Useful Information Procurement thresholds