How to Generate Complaints and Reports

Most serious corruption and fraud cases begin with a complaint or report and many such cases cannot be proven without the cooperation of an inside witness. Measures to encourage and facilitate such reports are, therefore, quite important and include:

  • Setting up and broadly publicizing confidential reporting systems (“hotlines”) for project staff, contractors and suppliers to report suspected corruption or fraud
  • Making fraud awareness presentations to project staff, contractors and suppliers.  These presentations, typically 2-3 hours,  emphasize the organization’s commitment to integrity, identify the primary fraud risks faced by the organization and preventative measures, and explain how to report suspected wrongdoing.  Such programs are an effective method to generate reports of serious misconduct
  • Inserting clauses in bidding documents that inform bidders on how to confidentially report corruption and fraud in the project
  • Routinely debriefing losing bidders after contract awards
  • Conducting confidential interviews as part of audit plans regarding possible fraudulent or corrupt practices

Promptly acknowledge and follow up on all complaints; advise the complainant that his or her report was received and acted upon.  If possible, arrange for further contacts with the complainant if necessary.