Initial Interview Questions By Scheme

See suggested questions to ask about each of the schemes listed below during the initial interviews.  Adjust the questions as necessary to the facts and circumstances of each case, and obtain further pertinent detail (who, what, when, where, why and how) as appropriate.


Bribes and Kickbacks Questions

Hidden Interest Questions

Bid Rigging

Change Order Abuse Questions

Excluding Qualified Bidders Questions

Leaking of Bid Information Questions

Manipulation of Bids Questions

Rigged Specifications Questions

Split Purchases Questions

Unbalanced Bidding Questions

Unjustified Sole Source Awards Questions

Collusive bidding

Collusive Bidding by Contractors Questions


Failure to Meet Contract Specifications Questions

False, Inflated or Duplicate Invoices Questions

False Statements and Claims Questions

Fictitious Contractor Questions

Product Substitution Questions