Interview Questions: Excluding Qualified Bidders

Questions that might reveal the exclusion of qualified bidders include:

  • Do you know or suspect, or have you heard, that qualified companies are excluded from the bidding process?
  • Are unduly strict or unreasonable pre-qualification procedures employed that limit the number of bidders?
  • Are requests for bids adequately publicized?
  • Is the time period to respond to requests for bids adequate?
  • Are the contract specifications unusually narrow to prevent some otherwise qualified bidders from bidding or winning?
  • Are some bids rejected for insignificant “errors” or deficiencies?
  • Do one or a few contractors win a disproportionate number of contracts?
  • Do apparently qualified companies consistently fail to bid or lose unfairly in the selection process?
  • Are controls and procedures to prevent the exclusion of qualified bidders in place and enforced?