Interview Questions: False Statements and Claims

Questions that might reveal false statements and claims include:

  • Do you know or suspect, or have you heard, that any contractor is submitting false statements or claims?
  • Have there been instances of, or a pattern of discrepancies between, contractor’s statements and claims and supporting documentation
  • Have there been instances of supporting documents apparently being altered or changed?
  • Have there been discrepancies between test and inspection results and contractor claims and statements?
  • Have tests and inspections revealed consistent deficiencies in the performance or products supplied by contractors?
  • Have there been instances or a pattern of “mistakes” and errors in claims submitted by certain contractors?
  • Are contractors’ claims unreasonable when compared to prior experience, similar contracts or industry standards?
  • Is adequate verification made of the work performed or product furnished prior to making payment?
  • Have previous incidents of false statements or claims by certain contractors been detected?
  • Are adequate controls, testing and inspections procedures to detect false statements and claims in place and enforced?