Manipulation of Bids Interview Questions

Questions that might reveal the manipulation of bids include:

  • Do you know or suspect, or have you heard, that bids are manipulated or changed after receipt?
  • Are the bid evaluation criteria fair and transparent, and followed in practice?
  • Are there instances or a pattern of information or documents being removed from bids after receipt?
  • Have any bidders been unfairly disqualified because of scoring “errors” or manipulations by the Bid Evaluation Committee?
  • Have there been serious disputes or allegations of wrongdoing between Bid Evaluation Committee members regarding the scoring of bids?
  • Have any Bid Evaluation Committee members been affiliated with certain bidders?
  • Have there been long, unexplained delays in the scoring of bids or the recommendation for a contract award?
  • Have there been instances of all bids being rejected on questionable grounds, and the contract being re-bid?
  • Are late bids sometimes accepted, or is the bid due date sometimes extended?
  • Are unauthorized person ever present during bid evaluations?
  • Are controls and procedures to prevent the manipulation of bids in place and enforced?