Red Flag: Inappropriate Evaluation Criteria or Procedures

Inappropriate bid evaluation criteria or procedures that can facilitate the schemes listed below include:

  • Changing the evaluation criteria during the evaluation process;
  • Evaluation criteria that are too vague or subjective, e.g., imprecise criteria for scoring the qualifications of proposed consulting staff, allowing for manipulation of the scores;
  • Criteria that is weighted too heavily on one technical component over another, or on technical scores rather than price, or vice versa;
  • Failing to notify bidders of the evaluation criteria;
  • Failing to notify the losing bidders of the reasons for their loss;
  • Allowing unqualified or inappropriate personnel (e.g., government officials) to participate in bid evaluations;
  • Using a standing bid evaluation committee with the same committee members over an extended time period.

This red flag can indicate the following schemes:

Click on the schemes listed above to see more information on each scheme, a more complete listing of their red flags and steps to determine if the schemes  are actually present.