Red Flags of Bribes and Kickbacks

Following are the “red flags” of bribes and kickbacks

  • Failure to adequately advertise the request for bids or proposals
  • Unreasonable prequalification procedures
  • Unreasonably narrow contract specifications that favor the winning bidder and exclude others
  • Leaking of bid information to favor a certain bidder, and withholding critical information from others
  • Discarding or changing bids after receipt, or improperly manipulating the scoring of bids
  • Disqualification of other bidders for arbitrary or trivial reasons during bid  evaluation
  • Approval of unnecessary change orders to increase contract values after award (to allow the low bidder to cover the cost of    the bribe)
  • Splitting purchases to avoid procurement thresholds
  • Approval of unjustified sole source awards
  • Pressure by project officials on contractors to select a particular subcontractor or agent
  • Contractor engages a questionable subcontractor or local agent (to handle bribe payments)
  • Long delays in contract negotiations or award (as bribe demands are negotiated)