Red Flags of Excluding Qualified Bidders

These are the “red flags” of excluding qualified bidders

  • Fewer than 50% of the companies that purchase bid packages submit bids
  • Fewer than the expected or normal number of bidders submit bids
  • Making it difficult or impossible for prospective bidders to buy bid packages
  • Failing to adequately publicize requests for bids, e.g., only advertising locally
  • Allowing an unreasonably short time to respond to requests for bids
  • Adopting unreasonably narrow contract specifications, for example, using brand names to define contract requirements
  • Adopting unreasonable “prequalification” procedures, e.g., unreasonably high annual turnover requirements
  • Splitting purchases so that procured amounts are below the bidding limit (to allow non-competitive or sole source awards)
  • Intimidating or threatening potential bidders to discourage or prevent them from bidding